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Looking to send a stylish, smart and beautifully presented tequila gift?  Tequila is big right now, with reports showing that it's the fastest-growing spirit category in the UK. Clase Azul Reposado makes a superb gift along with the Plata tequila is some of the most celebrated tequila in the world and we are a leading supplier in the UK. 

Known as the world’s smoothest Tequila is Clase Azul’s luxury reposado. This iconic brand only uses the finest organic agave and the decanter is a handmade collectible. From the distinguished Clase Azul Tequila Reposado to the extra-aged Clase Azul Tequila Ultra, each drop of tequila expresses something unique about the richness and character that only time can bestow. 

The Champagne and Gift Company cellar contains some of the finest examples of tequila gifts that anyone could want to receive.  We understand how important it is to deliver the perfect gift and what can be better than a bottle of Ultra Premium Tequila. Whether you are looking to send a special business gift to a client, celebrate a new home or toast a special occasion the thought and elegance of one of these iconic tequila bottles is sure to be well received. 

We are able to offer a premium shipping service and will deliver quickly and safely as we have fast and efficient service.  We take pride in ensuring that all our gifts are delivered in beautiful, perfect condition and arrive looking smart and luxurious but most of all a pleasure to receive. We offer UK next-day delivery on all gifts and same-day delivery within the London area.


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The Plata is a stunning centrepiece for any home bar this ultra-premium silver tequila made from 100% Blue Agave. This Tequila is aged for at least 6 months, before being bottled in a beautiful crystal-clear Talavera carafe and stamped with the company's silver-toned logo

Clase Azul Plata is a sublime Blanco Tequila, full of lemon, mint and vanilla. Super smooth with a hint of sweetness this tequila is best enjoyed by the shot or over ice.



There is Reposado Tequila and then there is Clase Azul Reposado. When it comes to luxurious Tequila, nothing comes close to Clase Azul, the producer of some of the most celebrated tequila around!  This ultra-premium Tequila is one of the smoothest and most iconic examples one can find. A 100% agave Tequila aged for at least 8 months, bottled in a beautiful, hand-painted Talavera carafe.

A super-premium tequila from Clase Azul, presented in their instantly recognizable decanter. Made using traditional Mexican unfired clay methods, before European glazing techniques and hand-painted designs are added, it is said to signify the result of two worlds meeting, just like the spirit itself.

This tequila is best enjoyed by the shot or over ice.     






The Clase Azul tequila bottles are iconic decanters and with our special tequila boxes finished with a large hand-tied bow they are some of the finest tequila gifts around.  Their unique creations in the world made by the hands of Mexican artisans. To make these exquisite creations possible Clase Azul founded a ceramic workshop in which Clase Azul artisans dedicate themselves to creating the beautiful hand-made decanters.

The Clase Azul tequila decanters tell stories through their decoration. Their artisans apply brushstrokes with great skill on the ceramic surface to create the beautiful patterns that distinguish these collectible icons. 







To become tequila, agave goes through a long transformation. During the harvest, the leaves of the plant are removed to expose its core, known as the pina. The pinas are then slow-cooked in masonry ovens and then milled to extract the sugars that come out after cooking.  

The sugar is then fermented using Casa Azul’s patented yeast imparts.  This gives the distinctive profile to the mixture. Its notes are then put through a double distillation in copper stills. This dedicated effort results in exquisite tequila. 







Time is essential in making tequilas with more complex profiles. The wonderful taste is created by allowing the unaged tequila to mature in casks made from oak or other types of wood.  The tequila is then studied over the course of months and years. 


Tequila Blanco - Blanco or silver this is an entry-level Tequila. Diamond-clear and unaged, the best examples are fresh and zippy with a citrus spike.


Tequila Reposado - Reposado (meaning “rested”) is the next level up and is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two months and up to one year. This resting enables the tequila to develop a light golden hue and generally a smoother, more mellow profile. You can also expect sweeter notes, such as coconut and vanilla.


Tequila Anejo - This category is aged for a minimum of one year but less than three. The longer time in the oak barrels is where you’ll really start to notice the influence of the whisky barrel.


Tequila Extra Anejo - Introduced in 2006 for the tequila connoisseurs out there. Aged for three years plus.







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