Celebrating your corporate anniversary is one of the best ways to communicate your experience and reliability without having to say “look how experienced and reliable we are”.  Focusing on yourself means putting your company in the spotlight.   A chance to bring your biggest achievements and important activities into the light.

Putting together a company anniversary event can be a daunting task but celebrating your company’s special milestone can be fun for all involved. After all, your company milestone is a result of years of dedication and hard work. Now is the time to take a step back and celebrate and what better way to do that with Champagne.

Would you like to do something different this year?  Create an Exclusive Gift for Customers for your company birthday.  We provide branded Champagne, Prosecco, Wine and chocolates and you are sure to find that perfect something in our range.  




Say a huge thank you to your clients with your message on the label e.g.  “THANK YOU for keeping us in business for 16 years”.  Here are a few companies that we have added fizz to:



Our friendly team would be delighted to discuss this idea with you.  We take orders from as few as 6 bottles
and we have an in house design team who will do a label design for you free of charge.

Contact us on [email protected] 

or 0800 849 7849 and we will be delighted to help





A few  business birthday ideas to help you with your planning

  • Decide when the celebration starts and when it ends. Are you planning all promotional activities to take place within one month?
  • Spread out the publishing of your social media posts and other “birthday” content throughout this entire month.
  • Create more buzz with an event – even a small one including your staff is good to generate company loyalty



  • It’s great to make sure that your employees are all involved and sharing your excitement.  
  • Another good way is to give employees a small gift to celebrate your company anniversary. A small company gift can go a long way!
  • Start planning earlier than you thought and see if people can make it in time.
  • Decorate the office
  • Organise a cocktail party
  • Build a video to inform of the celebration
  • Order cakes and snacks
  • Support a charity
  • Don't forget to be spontaneous - photos of the party
  • Ask employees to share and to Tweet about it



Enjoy, and happy business birthday to you! 


We are very proud of our service to our customers and we are delighted that we are consistently awarded a 5-star service.  Trustpilot is a best known independent review system who also trust us for their client gifts.