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Welcome to a new brand of cocktails. This new and exciting product brings a whole new meaning to word Vodka. Camitz Sparkling Vodka is an experience you will never forget. Shop now to see what amazing Camitz Sparkling Vodka products we have for you.


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Camitz will change the perception o
f Vodka forever; never before have cocktails been mixed using sparkling vodka. The art of cocktail making has been upgraded to a fun and fresh new method as the bubbles add an exciting and positive sensation, enhancing the mixed flavours. 

Just like Champagne, Camitz Sparkling Vodka has a cork for allowing it to open with a pop! The perfect serving temperature is a crisp +4c and should be chilled on ice before serving. We can also personalise your bottle with rhinestones and Swarovski crystals for that added luxury effect.

Camitz Sparkling Vodka is 100% natural and made from only the highest quality grain from Södermanland in Sweden, where Vodka has been produced since 1580. It is been continuously distilled five times before its carbonation. At 40% vol, this Vodka specially filtered by Camitz and is always pure, clear and crisp.

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