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A great selection of personalised and branded Champagnes


At The Champagne & Gift Company we specialise in personalised and branded Champagne. Whether you are looking for a corporate business gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, wedding gift or for any other occasion, you can be assured that we will have the perfect solution.  We source our Champagne in France from quality growers and pride ourselves on the quality and smoothness of our Champagnes. 

We primarily use gold award winning Baron Fuente Grande Reserve in our personalised Champagne gifts. Appealing to both your taste and smell, combined with it's elegant looks it really is the perfect gifting Champagne. We offer our Signature Grande Reserve in half bottle, standard size bottle and magnum size and for something a little different, we also offer personalised miniature Champagne and a personalised Jeroboam of Champagne.   We create personalised Blanc de Blancs (a Champagne & Gift favourite), personalised  Grand Cru and personalised Rosé Champagne.

We are able to personalise any bottle either with a label or by engraving. If you cannot find your perfect gift, call us on 0800 849 7849 and speak to one of our friendly team. 





Since the 17th Century, the Baron family has owned a vineyard in stunning Charly-sur-Marne in the western area of Champagne. The company, in it's present incarnation, was started in 1961 and now owns 38 ha of vineyards. We choose to use the International Gold Award winning Grand Réserve for our personalised bottles.  It is a quality Champagne  and drinks extremely well - an excellent aperitif or occasion Champagne.




Personalised Signature
Grande Reserve Champagne

Personalised Wedding Champagne - Signature Grande Reserve

International gold award winner
Gentle taste and soft aromas

Personalised Rosé Champagne

Personalised Wedding Champagne - Rosé

Looks amazing and tastes even better!


Personalised Blanc de Blancs Champagne



Pure and delicate - 100% Chardonnay grapes
Shows off your personalised Champagne label and 
a favourite at The Champagne & Gift Company

Personalised Grand Cru Champagne



Smooth and well-balanced
Very special Champagne for that special occasion







With its chic and classy packaging oozing style and sophistication, this Champagne really does look as good as it tastes. With a choice of either the 2007 Brut Millesime or the classic Rosé, this gift can also be paired with many Christophe Bertin accessories that we stock.






Christophe Bertin Vintage Champagne is of the highest quality and when combined with the matching  Champagne flutes and  black presentation box has a look of elegance to match the taste.

Three grape varieties contribute to the complexity of the blend:  
Pinot Meunier for fruitiness and bouquet 
Pinot Noir for fullness
 and ability to age beautifully 
Chardonnay for finesse and elegance





Christophe Bertin Rosé Champagne - the scents and flavours are something special. It is a superb Rosé and drinks beautifully.  This Rosé Champagne Magnum iooks delightful in the sleek transparent bottle which shows off the delicate rosé coloured wine inside. An ideal gift for any special occasion.

Available in half, standard & magnum bottles 






Comtes de Dampierre is a wonderful small Champagne house based in Bouzy. It was founded on the simple idea that good wines are necessarily made from good grapes and as a result their Champagnes are made solely from grapes from selected vineyards.  In order to protect and maintain the quality of its Champagne, Count Audoin Dampierre himself oversaw every aspect of the production until his retirement in 2011. His successors now continue to produce only the highest quality champagnes, having inherited the Count's passion and patience required. This passion for only creating the best Champagnes has led to Dampierre being served in the Spanish royal court, 42 French embassies and many other prestigious institutions.

Grande Cuvee


An expressive style with fruity patisserie nose and a light touch of biscuit and smoky notes. Refined texture and pleasant mellowness.

 Cuvee des Ambassadeurs
Brut Premier Cru


The Champagne most enjoyed in the French embassies. A deep golden colour, with aroma reminiscent of pears and sweet scents of pastry.
A champagne of true finesse and roundness.

 Cuvee des Ambassadeurs
Rosé Premier Cru


Gorgeous rosé with astonishing aromatic freshness,
suggesting a coulis of red berries with a creamy finish.

Cuvee des Ambassadeurs
Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru


Rich, mellow and extremely charming, this wine offers a wide range of flowers and citrus aromas of remarkable persistence.

Cuvee des Ambasseurs
Vintage 2007 Grand Cru


A delicate, fleshy wine with a bouquet of white fruit and honey. Develops in the mouth a large fruit register, retaining richness and freshness - wonderful characteristics of Grand Noirs.

Cuvée Prestige 2002 Blanc de Blancs


The nose develops tasty notes of slightly candied white fruit, and a bouquet of toasted, grilled aromas. This mature wine seduces with the delicate freshness at the end of the tasting. The cork is tied with a twine hood using the traditional method dating from the 18th century.















Dom Perignon is one of the most notorious names in Champagne.   Each of our their vintages is a perfect blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that are aged for at least seven years. In 1668, a young monk named Pierre Pérignon made it his goal to produce the finest wine in the world, and  most agree that he achieved his mission.   

The 2006 vintage is a vibrant and lively Champagne that can only improve with age. It is beautifully presented in a stylish Dom Perignon Champagne gift box.

We offer gift wrapping in our finishing touches so that you can make this gift even more special!