At The Champagne & Gift Company, we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest gifts for our luxury selection. We are proud to offer Famille Mary’s gourmet honeys in a range of delicious flavours. Famille Mary are French honey specialists and have been creating fine honey since 1921. They pride themselves on producing the best organic honey, with natural ingredients. They are passionate about high quality whilst respecting pure French bee keeping tradition.


Each of our gourmet honey gifts includes a traditional wooden drizzler so that you can enjoy adding delicious honey to your next taste adventure.


For an extra special touch, add one of our exceptional honeys to your personalised Champagne gift. Select the honey of your choice in our collection of Finishing Touches.




Our Premium Honey Varieties

Premium “Honey de France” Best Raspberry Honey   

Premium “Honey de France” Best Champagne Honey

Champagne Honey


A delightful combination of honey and raspberries. The sweet aroma of ripe raspberries follows the moment the jar is opened. The honey is delicately tinged with a soft rose colour. This unique honey even has a whole raspberry inside so that you can capture pieces of the tasty fruit with each spoonfull.



We love to add Champagne moments to our day, start at breakfast time with this exquisite Champagne honey. Lift the lid and you will be greeted with the subtle fruity aroma of fine Champagne. Rich in vitamins B3 and B5, it helps to strengthen your natural defences. This honey tastes good and does you good!


Premium “Honey de France” Best Lavender Honey

   Premium “Honey de France” Best Violet Honey 
  Honey   Honey   drizzler

A tempting blend of honey and lavender, our lavender honey is without a doubt of the finest quality and flavour. With a delicate, floral lavender scent; this honey adds the perfect final touch to a dessert. It has a slightly sweet taste that builds to a pleasant finish in the mouth. This golden coloured honey tastes as good as it looks!


Scented honey has been a popular treat since Victorian times and this classic Violet honey is simply the best! The fragrant violet adds depth to the blush coloured honey. Our violet honey is ideal for dessert, alongside fruit or with natural yoghurt or just drizzled into a breakfast pastry for a sweet treat! 



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