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Choose Your Budget Carefully

Choosing an amount to spend on each gift is one of the trickiest parts about business gift giving etiquette. When it comes to gifts for your team, it mainly comes down to what you can afford. However, buying gifts for vendors, service providers, or partners outside of your business can be a bit more sensitive. Some entities have limits for what they’re allowed to accept. So make sure you don’t surpass these limits with excessive gifts. If you work within a business or organization, follow the guidelines outlined by your leadership team for any gift exchange spending limits.

Don’t Leave People Out

Can you afford to get business gifts for your team? Make sure you get them for everyone. You should also try to make the gifts as equal in value as possible. It may be acceptable to spend a bit more on your management team. You may also spend more on team members who have been around for a very long time. You should also apply this concept to partners or service providers outside of your business. Within an organization, coworkers should also make sure to include everyone unless there’s a secret Santa exchange or some kind of arrangement where you only need to buy for one person.

Personalize When Possible

It’s not always possible for business owners to purchase different gifts for each team member, partner, and client. But if you have a fairly short gift list, try to purchase individual gifts that are relevant to each recipient. For example, if you know that a particular client loves their morning coffee, getting them a Starbucks gift card instead of a generic Visa one could mean a lot more to them.

Keep It Practical for Vendors, Suppliers, and Customers

Though it may be fun to give members of your team items that call back to inside jokes or funny things that have happened in the office throughout the year, it’s not as easy to gauge how those outside of your business might view those types of gifts. Unless you have a very close relationship with someone, it’s usually safer to stick with items that are useful, like gift cards or office supplies.

Use Caution with Humor

Even if you’re purchasing gifts for people you work with directly, make sure that any humorous items are appropriate for the office and for the recipient. If you’re not sure about someone’s sense of humor or if you think that a gift might be offensive to anyone in your workplace, steer clear.

Don’t Assume Everyone Celebrates Christmas

Holiday parties and gifts are pretty widely accepted in workplaces throughout the country. However, if you make gifts very specific to Christmas, it could make people who don’t celebrate uncomfortable. If you’re not sure about a specific person’s preference, keep your gift and message fairly general.

Research International Customs

If you do business internationally, your clients or partners may have different expectations when it comes to the etiquette of gift giving. You should research the holiday customs in that part of the world before purchasing a gift.

Keep Promotional Gifts Minimal

It’s pretty common for businesses to print their logos on items like tote bags or hats that they give out for holiday gifts. While this isn’t necessarily a no-go, you should try not to rely on gifts as a source of promotion. Make sure they’re actually useful for the recipient, meaning they should be fairly high quality, and the logos should be small and understated.

Create Guidelines for Team Members

As a business owner, the etiquette of gift giving isn’t just about the items you give to people. It’s also partially your responsibility to try to avoid any awkward situations between employees. If you feel that it’s necessary, set price limits or policies about purchasing gifts for everyone. This is less important if people exchange gifts with coworkers outside the office. You could also just set up a secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange with a specific price limit.

Say Thank You

Have you receive gifts from team members, partners, or clients throughout the holiday season? It’s also important to acknowledge them as quickly as possible. Send a handwritten thank you note to the sender when possible. An email may be acceptable if the gift was sent virtually.


Giving in business is .......

Everyone enjoys receiving a bottle .....

Corporate Champagne branded with your company logo?

Welcome to The Champagne & Gift Company's Corporate Champagne Gifting. Our dedicated corporate team would love to share our knowledge and experience with you and inspire you to find the perfect Champagne gift for you. 
Our service is designed to help you make a strong impression and reinforce the quality of your company brand. Whatever you have planned our in-house corporate design team is here to offer our vision and expertise to create the perfect corporate Champagne gift for your clients and colleagues.

We are a specialist importer of Champagne and pride ourselves on the quality and smoothness of our Champagnes.  Your client will be assured of the quality and brand as we leave the back label showing all details on the bottle - only the front is customised.  We also customise/engrave special prestige marques such as Moet, Bollinger, Dom Perignon etc. 




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Our Champagnes


   gold award winning champagne                      dampierre champagne top                       nicola feuillatte champagne logo                       christophe bertin champagne logo                      blin champagne logo                   pommery logo              


Our Grande Reserve Champagne is an international Gold Award-winning Champagne from the esteemed House of Baron Fuenté.  The Baron family have owned vineyards in Champagne since 17th Century.  Pop open the bottle and your Corporate Label Champagne tastes as good as it looks. 



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Some company brands that we have added fizz to:

corporate champagne labels designed for customers

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Corporate Branded Champagne Bottles & Gifts


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Whether you are looking for a "classic" Champagne label design or something a little different we can take care of the design for you.  We can exclusively design a label for you.  Are you looking for something different?  We have a wide range of Champagne and Prosecco label designs to choose from and our in-house design team will be pleased to design a corporate label specially for your company. Just ask us!

Some more comtemporary designs:   

Corporate champagne label corporate champagne label22 Corporate champagne label21


corporate champagne label 23 Corporate champagne label25 Corporate champagne label24


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We can create a custom label for every business and any occasion. There is no minimum order and whether you are ordering 1 or 1000 bottles you can be sure that your corporate Champagne will be beautifully presented. Your label will be of the highest standard and we have award-winning Champagnes to choose from depending on your budget. We have an extensive range of label styles for our corporate customers and our design team will be happy to design a corporate label for you.

Our service is designed to make ordering your branded corporate gifts as easy as possible. Once we have designed your label, we will store your company artwork and gift requirements. You will then be able to quickly reorder whenever required by simply sending us an email. For large multi-destination orders, we have an easy fill multiple delivery address spreadsheet.

Our Champagne gifts are an ideal way to say thank you or congratulations or simply just because...  Each gift can be accompanied by a gift message card with a personal message. For longer messages, we offer a gift message scroll, finished with a hand-tied bow.


If you would to discuss how we can help create your corporate Champagne,
please contact our friendly team  or  0203 893 4746

       corporate champagne bottles showing different labels                               corporate miniature champagne for event                        cororate champagne gift in silk lined box

We provide an exceptional corporate Champagne gift service
 whether you are looking for gifts to send to clients throughout the year 
or to use as a staff promotion. Our design team will create a bespoke label tailored to your specifications, or alternatively, we are more than happy to use your own label design.   

Throughout the year, clients may reach milestones so acknowledging these in a timely manner when the client is least expecting it will show thought and appreciation. At other times of the year, such as the Festive Season it is good to look after your clients and a corporate Champagne gift always goes down well. 

We offer an extensive range of affordable and luxury boxes, all of which come with a beautiful hand-tied ribbon around the box to make receiving the gift even more special. 

 Remember .... the most important client is the one you already have!

Our friendly team is committed to delivering the highest standards and every gift is double-checked to ensure even the smallest details are perfect every time.  To discover more about our branded Champagne or Prosecco gifts then please contact us today. We will be delighted to work with new and returning clients to produce more unique and memorable gifts to wow your clients.


  Corporate Champagne for every occasion      Corporate Champagne gift in presentation trunk  Duo Corporate Branded Champagne
 Corporate Champagne is ideal for every occasion    Corporate Branded Champagne Corporate Champagne bottles
with gift message card 


 It's the Finishing Touches That Make All the Difference

We offer choices of optional gift wrapping and our team have been trained in the art of gift wrapping and you can be sure that your gift will look smart and eye-catching.  With a wide choice of smart gift boxes to choose from we offer boxes in a variety of materials and different colours. We can brand boxes with your company logo.

Our team is committed to delivering the highest standards and every gift is double-checked to ensure even the smallest details are perfect every time. Each gift comes with a complimentary gift card and we can include company literature if requested. All our gifts are hand finished and beautifully presented.


Your  Corporate Champagne gifts will be delivered by safe courier and are trackable. We hold an Export License and specialise in sending corporate Champagne gifts to International destinations. We take pride in ensuring that all our gifts are delivered in beautiful, perfect condition. This is why we use professional shipping companies Parcelforce, FedEx and DHL to ensure that all our bottles arrive looking smart and luxurious but most of all a pleasure to receive! 




Contact a member of The Champagne and Gift Company team today
0203 893 4746    or
Stunning Corporate Champagne gifts. Personalised luxury gifts - beautifully presented. Smart boxes, stylish labels, next day delivery 


The Champagne and Gift Company
Leading supplier of personalised Champagne Gifts - delivering all over the world



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We offer a next day Champagne delivery in the UK and deliver to most international destinations - please just ask if you have any special international Champagne delivery requests. 


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