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We focus on creating VIP Champagne gifts, personalised and tailored to your specific requirements. We can create a custom VIP Champagne label for any company, person or occasion.  Whether you are raising your company profile, celebrating a milestone, organising VIP hospitality events or just thanking your clients, a VIP champagne gift is an ideal way to put your message across. No other branded gift has the same perceived high value.

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VIP Champagne is an excellent way to show appreciation to your staff and reward anyone who has made an outstanding contribution, including the often-forgotten interns and volunteers. Nothing motivates staff like receiving their own bottle of personalised VIP champagne with the individual’s name printed on the label. 

VIP Champagne for Promotions

What could be better as a promotional gift than a bottle of VIP Champagne with your own bespoke label bearing your logo? The Champagne & Gift Company can put your own full-colour label on bottles of our finest champagne to produce very desirable gifts, makes a change to the usual baseball caps and pens! VIP champagne is an ideal promotional tool as it makes your clients feel that they are important to you.

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VIP Champagne to Reward Staff and Volunteers

Offering VIP champagne as an incentive or reward encourages loyalty and hard work within your workforce as staff feel their efforts have been properly recognised by management. Want to give your employees and clients something special for the festive season? Handing out branded VIP champagne makes your gift distinctive and individual.

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VIP Champagne for Events

Personalised VIP Champagne makes a great impact as a centre piece at any VIP hospitality event, award ceremony or anniversary celebration. Your logo and brand displayed on a VIP Champagne label with details of the occasion will be a memorable addition to the festivities, whether it is drunk at the event itself or sent out to commemorate the occasion.




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