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Invest in Tulip Shaped Champagne Glass

Vintage champagne flutes have rounded sides to concentrate the bubbles in the middle of the glass. The shape of a glass affects the flavours and bring out aromas and finish. The bowl of a tulip-shaped champagne glass enhances the taste and allows for the aromas to develop to their fullest. 


Best Temperature for Champagne 

Should my Champagne be served ice cold? NO - Champagne is best served at between 6 and 10C. This allows all the flavours and aromas to properly develop. To chill your bottles to perfection, place them in the lower part of your fridge for three to four hours. 

Magnums are Best

Magnums are becoming increasingly popular - they are great for a small party of 4 or 6 guests and, at the end of the day, a magnum is only two bottles!  A magnum is certainly a show-stopper and the larger magnum size allows the bubbles to develop to their fullest.

ning and serving Champagne

There is an art to opening Champagne in style. Two easy tips to remember to open a bottle safely and successfully - always keep your thumb firmly on the cork once the wire cage (musulet_ has been removed and secondly ALWAYS twist the bottle, not the cork.

This should come as naturally as tying your shoelaces. However, if you're not sure how to serve Champagne these handy tips from Debrett's explain how to pour Champagne.


  • Ensure that it hasn't been shaken

  • Peel off the foil over the cork

  • Point the bottle away from you

  • Remove metal cage over the cork

  • Hold the cork in one hand

  • Hold the bottle in the other

  • Gently twist the bottle (not the cork)

  • Aim for a sigh - not a pop






Other Notes & Tips 


Always serve Champagne in tulip-shaped flutes; the tall narrow shape of the glass will preserve the bubbles

Glasses must be scrupulously clean - even the most minuscule remains of washing-up liquid can cause the champagne to lose its fizz

Never chill the glasses in advance, the effect if you do is that the bubbles from your Champagne will be adversely affected

Hold it at the stem so your warm hands don't affect the temperature of the Champagne

Pour a little Champagne into each glass and then go back to pour more.  This way the Champagne doesn't bubble over the edge of the glass

Only put one Champagne bottle in the bucket - If you have a second bottle keep it in the fridge to stay cool

Champagne should be served chilled, so sit an opened bottle in an ice bucket in between refills



We hope you found this helpful and the most important tip is - ENJOY!











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